Referral Terms & Conditions

What is the Kohort referral program?

Kohort’s referral program is a great way to get paid for recommending people you know to Kohort. For each new customer you refer to Kohort, you get paid $150.

How do I refer?

Complete the referral form at, and we will get in touch with the person you refer via email or phone.

How many times can I refer?

There is no limit on how many people you can refer or how much you can earn.

I referred someone; where’s my reward?

Once your referral becomes a paying customer of Kohort and has made two payments, you are eligible to be paid. A Kohort representative will send an email to the referrer/advocate’s email address (usually within 10 days) that was provided when filling out the referral form initially. The representative will arrange a paper check, ACH payment, or account credit.

What will NOT be considered a valid referral eligible for a referral payment?

  • When you refer people who previously referred you.
  • When you refer yourself or refer people you have referred previously and use different email addresses to try to circumvent fraud detection.
  • When then newly referred customer of Kohort has been billed only 1 time. New customers must be billed 2 or more times.
  • When you refer a new location that is part of the same business.
  • NB: Kohort reserves the right to refuse any referral payout based on findings of its own investigations into suspected fraudulent activity. 

Have you earned more than $600 in one year?

Any persons who earn over $600 in a financial year must provide Kohort with a copy of their W9 by emailing it to [email protected] Any delays in payment as a result of failure to submit W9 is not the responsibility of Kohort or its employees.

Statute of Limitations

If a referral has not been created via, and thus not tracked electronically, the new customer or the referring customer has 90 days from the date of the new customer’s first payment date to notify Kohort of the referral event. To notify, please email [email protected]