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Find out how Kohort can help optimize and grow your business

Kohort makes it easier to do more

Your best foot forward

With Front Desk, members can purchase products, sign up for classes, or just check in quickly and get going.

Stress-free operations

Back Office allows owners and managers to alter settings, manage staff, and view financial and membership reports without the hassle.

Day-to-day made simple

Door control and unattended checkin allow things to run smoothly, all day, every day.

Great for members

My Account gives members access to their own information, along with the ability to easily change payment information, class enrollment, and more.

Membership management just for you

Kohort is designed to make life easy for gym and studio owners. Although membership management is an important part of what you do, it shouldn’t take up most of your time. We want to help you get past the paperwork and get back to the stuff that matters.

With Kohort you can:

Register new members quickly

Sell products and services and sign members up for classes

View and modify staff and internal settings

Create customized financial reports so you know at a glance how you’re doing

View member attendance to keep track of who is active, if they’ve paid, and how they’re using your services

Greet members warmly, even if no one is behind the desk

Allow members to access the gym or studio at any time of day

Let members view their own records and settings and make payments

Keep your gym or studio running smoothly, all in one place, hassle-free

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